Welcome to the Turtle Mountain School Division! Below you will find various registration forms 

*Please complete only the forms relevant to your child and their education program.

Registration Forms: (All to be completed.)

Pre-Registration Forms

New Student Registration

Release of Information Authorization

Authorization for Release of Information to Public Health

Parent Media Release/Acceptable Use Agreement

Parent Media Release Form for Grade K-6 Students/Student Acceptable Use Agreement (Procedure & Form)


Parent Media Release for Grade 7-12 Student/Student Acceptable Use Agreement (Procedure & Form)

Registration Forms: (Complete only if applicable.)

Aboriginal Identity Declaration EIS Data Collection

School Registration Form: Children in Care (For children in CFS Care)

Release of Information Authorization (Student 18 and over)

EAL Checklist

EAL Reception Form

EAL Provincial Guidelines


School of Choice

School of Choice - Live outside of TMSD

School of Choice - Live within TMSD


URIS Application (complete if child has a health care concern; ie. asthma, life-threatening allergies, seizures, etc.)

Asthma Health Care Plan

Anaphylaxis Health Care Plan

URIS Procedure

Corresponding Policies for Registration Forms

Parent Media Release/Acceptable Use Agreement

Acceptable Student and Staff use of Information and Communication Technology

Print and Digital Media Publication 

School of Choice